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Jeri Hudson, LMP

Jeri, trained at Seattle Massage School and has been an LMP for 23 years. She has
studied many modalities including Aromatherapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, Soft
Tissue Release, and uses her own system for Energetic Restoration. She is a plantar
fasciitis and low back pain specialist
. She works with the client not on the client. She
tries to understand what it is someone does with their body before she tries to
alleviate their pain. Jeri, wants to partner with clients to achieve lasting balance in
their bodies. She is very adept at explaining and demonstrating new ways to do
things to keep clients feeling better. Jeri, has had her own practice and has also worked
for other LMP’s in their practices. She has also been a teaching assistant in the massage
program at Bastyr. Jeri, is our pain prevention,athlete, and mobility reconstructing expert. You will love her unique work.